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Make Your Yard Hazard-Free

                                                       with Tree Trimming and Stump Removal

Richey Tree Service is the place to call for fast and efficient dead tree removal. Tree trimming and stump grinding is also available to help make your yard safer and more appealing. Eliminate yard hazards with tree trimming from our company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tree Removal
If a tree in your yard is dead or leaning too much, it needs to come down before it damages your home. We provide complete dead tree removal using our all-purpose bucket trucks that allow us to climb high and carefully take down the tree in question. Service also includes clean up and debris removal to save you time and keep your property neat. Call us for a free estimate.

Tree Trimming
Do you have a tree that's too close to your home or growing into other trees? Richey Tree Service specializes in trimming that helps get out of control trees into shape. We also clean out a tree's dead wood to promote healthier growth. For your convenience, clean up service is provided.

Tree Service Equipment - Tree Trimming in Cincinnati, OH


Stump Removal
Eliminate unsightly tree stumps with our stump removal service. We grind stumps well below the lawn grade so you won't trip over them. Grinding also ensures that the stump won't re-grow and it's less expensive than standard stump removal. After our stump grinding service you will be able to plant another tree if you choose too.


For tree trimming that prevents overgrowth, contact us at (513) 385-7727 in Cincinnati, Ohio.